Considering ICF or SIP building materials for your project?

Here’s what you should know about the RSG-3D Panel System.

Learn about the benefits of the RSG 3-D panel system compared with ICF (insulated concrete forms) and SIP (structural insulated panels).


Fire Resistance

RSG-3D has a two hour fire resistance on 2” of concrete.

SIP (structural insulated panels) are made of wood. Though covered with a fire resistant material, SIP can easily ignite.

ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) typically have a 7/8” stucco coat on top of the insulation which provides little or no benefit in a fire. With ICF, once the exterior stucco and insulation burn, you are left with structural concrete.


Speed and Design Flexibility

RSG is a faster system to install and provides greater design flexibility. Wall panels are 4’ wide up to 60’ tall and a house can be framed in less time than even a conventional wood home. Electrical and plumbing are run in channels between the wire and foam insulation. RSG affords architects and builders the opportunity to build curves, arches, and other interesting shapes.

ICH can only form rectilinear cube-like structures. The blocks are stacked one at a time, then subcontractors install their pipes and conduits, and then concrete is poured into the blocks.

RSG can be used for floors and roofs: ICF cannot.

home with RSG-3D Panel System.
man spraying concrete

Energy Efficiency

RSG has a thermal mass on both the outside and inside of the structure separated by a thermal barrier in the form of an Expanded Polystyrene Core. The inside and outside environments are kept separate. RSG can help keep the temperature inside your home constant.


Pest and Mold Resistance

RSG 3D is impregnable to pests and has no organic material for mold to establish itself. ICF has the same benefit. SIP is wood that can eventually become susceptible to both mold and pests.

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