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Gateway Builders Nominated for NAHB Award

Gateway Builders Is Proud To Announce Their Nomination For The National Association of Homebuilders International Home of the Year Award

The NAHB Global Innovation Awards annually recognize the most cutting-edge, advanced, and original products, services, and homes from around the world. To be considered for the NAHB International Home of the Year, a project must have beautiful design, serve its owners, be socially redeeming, incorporate innovation, and enhance sustainability. The custom home being built for Frank and Nancy Tansey meets all of those objectives.

The Tansey home demonstrates that building “better” is readily achievable. Gateway Builders, along with an exemplary team of other partners, and owners Frank and Nancy Tansey worked together to build a home that is architecturally stunning, sustainable, and 100% disaster resilient. 

The Tanseys selected a team of forward-looking professionals dedicated to the “right way to rebuild” damaged communities and serve vulnerable families. Here is the team:

Sara Woodfield, AIA

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Matt Watson

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Luke Gunnewegh

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Juan Martinez

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The home is constructed using RSG 3-Ds award winning panel system. Polystyrene panels with embedded metal trusses are surrounded on both sides by 1.5 inches of concrete and create a monolithic structure. Homes built in this way are fire resistant for at least 2 hours, seismically rated for hospitals/fire stations built on major active faults, highly energy efficient, and sustainable.

For more information about this type of construction please visit the Fire Resilient page. If you would like to schedule a tour of the Tansey residence please contact us or call 707.528.8703, extension 1.